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Ayatana is a phygital retail platform that uses AI to blend the physical and digital worlds. We offer brands a comprehensive suite of tools and capabilities to optimize their operations and engage customers in groundbreaking ways.


Whether you are a small boutique or a global brand, our platform can help you connect with your customers on a deeper level and achieve remarkable business results. Join us on this exciting journey as we redefine the future of retail through the fusion of physical and digital realms, guided by the power of AI.

Welcome to the future of shopping. Welcome to Ayatana!
Ayatana Virtual Room
We help brands create Phygital stores that combine the physical and digital worlds to create a more immersive, engaging, and efficient shopping experience for customers. We use AI to power a variety of phygital experiences, including:
Product recommendations
Product recommendations

We use AI to recommend products that customers are likely to love.

Product Visualization
Product Visualization

We use AI to create virtual experiences that allow customers to try products before they buy them. It could be Virtual try-on of clothes, Furniture visualization at home, Car 360 views to name few.

Customer service
Customer service

We use AI to answer customer questions, resolve customer complaints, and provide other customer service support.

Our Features

AI based Virtual Assistants

Our proprietary AI-based virtual assistants augment sales consultants with personalized recommendations, 24/7 availability, and data-driven insights, enhancing customer engagement and boosting sales performance.



We elevate phygital store experiences with our cutting-edge AR and VR integration. Engage customers in immersive experiences that bridge the gap between physical and digital realms, enhancing their interactions with products and creating memorable shopping journeys.


Digital Takeaways

Transforming phygital stores with state-of-the-art interactive panels. Engage customers through intuitive touchscreens, dynamic content, and interactive experiences that revolutionize the way they explore and interact with products.


Immersive Retail Experience Zones

Embark on a futuristic retail journey with our AI-powered virtual store platform, where visually stunning environments and seamless browsing, interaction, and shopping await you from the convenience of your device.


Interactive Panels

Transforming phygital stores with state-of-the-art interactive panels. Engage customers through intuitive touchscreens, dynamic content, and interactive experiences that revolutionize the way they explore and interact with products.


Immersive Product Sampling

Engage customers with interactive virtual experiences, allowing them to visualize products and try them virtually, while also offering the tangible experience of viewing physical products on display.


Engaging contents

Captivate prospective customers in our phygital stores by curating compelling brand content. Utilizing high-quality images, videos, and 3D visualizations, we create immersive experiences fostering deeper customer engagement and connection.

Why Ayatana
Enhanced_customer _experience.png
Enhanced customer experience
Ayatana engage customers through physical interaction, personalized recommendations, and access to digital content for an immersive experience.
Physical & Virtual Experience
Ayatana offer immersive, personalized, and convenient shopping experiences by merging the physical and digital realms.
Product sampling opportunities
Boost brand loyalty and conversions with our targeted product sampling platform.
Enhanced customer insights
Ayatana provides valuable consumer data for targeted marketing and product improvement.
Increased Brand awareness
strategies generate buzz, create unique experiences, and enhance brand awareness, differentiation, and attention.
Greater reach
Offering high-traffic locations for brands, we provide excellent reach and accessibility to target audiences.
Reduced costs
Save on showroom expenses with our phygital platform for product showcasing.
Immersive Product experience
Fascinate customers with VR and AR experiences, encouraging innovative brand engagement.
Competitive edge
Stay relevant and competitive with phygital stores, offering innovative and immersive shopping experiences through cutting-edge technologies and trends.
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